Data Analysis Internship

Love Your Labels is an organization dedicated to advocating and developing programs for people who are fighting for acceptance and playing an active role in elevating a dialogue around expression, identity, and equality. Our organization envisions a world where each person can live free and express who they are without fear of shame, stigma, or bias influencing their opportunity to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

Our team is seeking a Data Analysis Intern. The ideal candidate will share the organization’s vision for social justice and feel passionate about working with marginalized communities.

The qualified intern will have experience collecting and analyzing various forms of data to generate reports and identify trends to assist the Love Your Labels Committee. The intern will be responsible for gathering and entering data from various sources including online forms via the Love Your Labels website, written surveys from events and fundraisers, and online research and converting that data into meaningful visualizations, charts, and insights.

The successful candidate will have knowledge and understanding of basic data manipulation methods using formulas, charts, graphs, etc. Must have experience using Microsoft Excel.

This is an unpaid internship for school credit. Number of hours dependent on institutional requirements.

To apply, submit your cover letter and resume to

Love Your Labels does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender/gender identification, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.