Empowerment Through Expression.

Love Your Labels is a movement to celebrate diversity, dismantle activities that suppress equality for all, and inspire young people and others to live as their truest selves.

There is an entire world of people who will embrace you and look forward to welcoming you as you are. You can be anything. You can do anything.
— Joshua Croke, Love Your Labels Founder

Define yourself.

Each of us has unique but intersecting identities and have all had labels placed on us by society. These labels may describe us, but they don’t define us. In a world that seeks to divide and compartmentalize, let’s embrace our individuality through the labels we choose for ourselves and stand together to affect change.

Some of our labels are important to us. Some of them are just words to describe parts of who we are. Standalone, labels can’t come close to telling the unique story of you, but labels are an important way people make sense of the world. Unfortunately and throughout history, some groups, societies, and governments have used labels to suppress, hurt, and disadvantage those who are different. This has attached stigmas of shame and fear to words that should be celebrated, and many people shy away from claiming those labels because of fear of oppression and pain that are very real.


Inspire the future.

Each of us navigates our own identity and has experiences that shape who we are. But the journey of self discovery is never easy. As young people grow, they are faced with the challenges of understanding the world and their place within it; the Love Your Labels campaign is asking people across the planet to claim their labels to show young people and others that the unique parts of their identity should be celebrated and that they shouldn’t have to feel the need to hide who they are.

Unfortunately, being black or gay or part of another oppressed group in many communities is still a very difficult journey. We want this campaign to be seen by those young people who don’t have a support system; who aren’t sure if what they’re feeling or experiencing is ever going to change. We want this campaign to show those individuals who are struggling that it gets better.

We want to see a world where no one needs to hide themselves or is treated differently because of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, and/or sexual orientation.

You are unique. We are united.

We should celebrate how intersectional our world is and lift up all communities who want to live harmoniously together. The fight for equality is not over, but when we stand together we are strong. Celebrate the unique parts of you and show people across the world that they can be who they are.

We are unique. We are united. The   Love Your Labels   campaign celebrates intersectionality and the diversity of the human race. We seek to inspire young people to live their truth and envision a world that puts equality at the front of our values system.

Host a Love Your Labels Event in Your Community

For this campaign to have the most impact, we need to reach far and wide. We need to get into spaces where young people may not see this type of positive messaging on a day to day basis. You can help amplify our efforts by hosting a Love Your Labels event in your community

Connect with our team to learn more!

Photographers: We want our photoshoots to be as unique as the people that are in front of the camera. Bring your own style and interpretation to our campaign by working with us. Have an idea? Let’s connect.


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