Love your labels.

Our mission is to advocate and develop programs for people fighting for acceptance and visibility and play an active role in elevating a dialogue around expression, identity, and equality.

Our vision is a world where each person can live free and express who they are without fear of shame, stigma, or bias influencing their opportunity to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

Founded in 2018, we create events and experiences that further conversations around inclusion, representation, and equality and develop programs that educate and inspire our youth to explore who they are, express themselves, and support each other in their personal journeys.


Current Events & Programs


Queer AF: Art & Fashion Show 2019

Join us for our next fashion show and fundraising event where designers, models, and performers of intersecting identities take to the runway to celebrate that what makes us different can be a powerful force that brings us together.


Empowerment Through Expression Youth Program

For youth ages 12-18, this program will bring youth together to learn fashion design that also integrates identity development curriculum where youth can discuss gender identity and expression and breaking down binary, bias, and stigma.


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Each of us navigates our own identity and has experiences that shape who we are. But the journey of self discovery is never easy. As young people grow, they are faced with the challenges of understanding the world and their place within it; the Love Your Labels campaign is asking people across the planet to claim their labels to show young people and others that the unique parts of their identity should be celebrated and that they shouldn鈥檛 have to feel the need to hide who they are.

Unfortunately, being black or gay or part of other oppressed or marginalized groups is still a very difficult journey. We want this campaign to be seen by those young people who don鈥檛 have a support system; who aren鈥檛 sure if what they鈥檙e feeling or experiencing is ever going to change. We want this campaign to show those individuals who are struggling that it gets better. We want to see a world where no one needs to hide themselves or is treated differently because of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, and/or sexual orientation.

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